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100 Days Together
Math/Writing On the 100th day of school, challenge students to show different ways of arranging their 100 objects, such as by groups of ten or five, two by two, etc. Then work together as a class to compose a list, in sentence form, of 100 wonderful things that have happened since school began. Vary sentence opening and length.

100 Ways to Celebrate the 100th Day of School With The Times
Depending on when you started the academic year – and how many snow days you've had so far – the 100th day of school should be coming up any day now. To mark this milestone, The Learning Network presents 100 ideas, some for individual subject areas and others for a whole class or school to do together.

Pretty Percentages
Math/Art Get a disposable checkered tablecloth. Give each student a 100-square section and round stickers that fit in each square. Ask the students to illustrate various percentages (30%, 50%, 15%) with the stickers.

These activities for the 100th day of school can help build skills in counting, operations and number sense. Happy Hundred!

Presidential ABCs
The word "president" contains nine letters. But those letters can be used to make more than 100 different words. How many words can you make?

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