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Auditory and Visual Discrimination Activities

Simon Says Color Me
Auditory/Visual Discrimination Give all the children the same picture and the same colors of crayons. Play "Simon Says" using the crayon colors and various portions of the picture. When a player makes a mistake he or she is is out until the next round.

Simon Says Spin-Off!
This game works just like regular Simon Says but with a twist.

Simon Says, "Touch Your Femur"
Students display their new knowledge of human body parts – their names and locations – by playing an adaptation of the game Simon Says.

Visual Discrimination
Students practice visualization, make visual comparisons, and duplicate visual images in this lesson which focuses on shapes and alphabet letters.

Kindergarten Phonics and Phonemic Awareness: Same and Different Sounds Lesson Plan
Students will learn to discriminate between words that begin with the same beginning sounds and those that with different beginning sounds. Then they will indicate awareness of same and different beginning sounds by responding with a physical movement.

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