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My Favorite Candy
Nutrition Have students research the ingredients in their favorite candy and its nutritional value using product labels.

A Dozen Candy-Coated Classroom Activities!
Do you have a sweet tooth? A mouth full of them? Your students, no doubt, share your passion for sweets, and so does the Internet. Whether you need a novel approach to teaching graphing skills or a unique way to motivate students to write, you will find food for thought on the Net. "Treat" yourself to a dozen activities – activities that enlist all types of candy to grab and hold your students' attention!

M & M's

History of M&M's Candies
Ask student to research the men who created M & M's. How has their product changed over the years? Why did they create the candy in the first place?

Mars Global
Have your students discover the different kinds of candies the Mars company makes and what other products they make that aren't candy.

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