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Feel The Beat
Music May 29 is International Jazz Day. Have your students research in the library and online about the roots of jazz and some famous jazz musicians. Bring in samples of jazz for the class to listen to and respond to. Don't forget to involve your music teacher and librarian in this unit.

"Chuck Vanderchuck's 'Something Something' Explosion"
Designed to help children ages 6 to 9 understand music and music composition by teaching basic musical concepts and performance skills through the study of popular song styles from around the world. Here your students will be introduced to a new musical style: jazz. They will learn about the culture from which jazz was born and then learn to perform basic jazz rhythmic and melodic patterns through the use of fun, interactive games.

Jazz in the Big Easy
Music/History Research as a class the great world of Jazz music and its roots in New Orleans. How did Hurricane Katrina impact the jazz scene in this city? Has jazz returned to New Orleans?

Jazzing Along All Day
Music Play jazz CDs at the beginning of class, during exercise breaks and while students pack up this month. Display the name of the musical artist on the board and make a bulletin board depicting the instruments being played.

Smithsonian Jazz
There is something here for everyone: explore our collections and educational resources, engage in Jazz Appreciation Month, or experience live jazz with the museum's Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra and other programs.

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