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Rescue Helpers
Reading/Social Studies Fire Prevention Week is October 5-11. After discussing fire safety with your students, read aloud a book such as Firefighters to the Rescue by Kersten Hamilton (Viking, 2005). Create a mural about rescue workers, using different art mediums and your students' descriptive words.

Fire Safety: Activities to Spark Learning!
This site provides a firehouse full of cross-curriculum activities and fire-related websites for Fire Prevention Week.

Smoke Alarm Sounds
Show your students proper punctuation along with the proper reaction to the "beep, beep, beep" of a smoke alarm. (Meets CCSS Standards for 1st and 2nd grade.)

Fire Safety – Stop, Drop, and Roll
In this lesson, the students will learn how to "stop, drop, and roll", and will construct paper "Stop, Drop, and Roll" hats and will practice fire safety tips.

The Science of Fire and More
Students will play on teams to answer a series of fire-safety questions and connect the dots, learn to distinguish among sentence types, discover how fires burn and how they can be extinguished, and more.

Practice Fire Safety All Year Long
Help your students and their families learn about fire prevention. Use these activities to keep fire safety in your student's minds throughout the year!

Free Activities and Educational Articles