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Silly Senses
Language Make a large ear, nose, mouth, eye and finger out of poster board and laminate them. Then provide a picture or written word clue of a sense and ask students to tape it on the correct object that detects that item. For example, a picture of a bell being rung should be placed on the ear, a lit light bulb on the eye. Can some items be detected by more than one sense?

Eggs Filled With Sound-Five Senses
Students will be able to figure out what is inside an egg using their sense of hearing and be able to make guesses and check their answers.

Coming To Our Senses
In this lesson, students do a hands-on experiment that illustrates how taste and smell are related. They then create their own experiments to help them explore all five senses and the relationships between them.

Sorting Through the Five Senses
In this lesson students are given index cards labeled with the five senses and picture cards with pictures that represent the five senses. The students will sort the picture cards to gain an understanding of the five senses and classifying.

The Five Senses
Students will describe the five senses. Students will identify the sense(s) needed to perceive a variety objects. Students will label body parts according to the sense.

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