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A Peanut Party
History/Health While studying African-Americans, highlight George Washington Carver and his work with peanuts. Show how peanuts are grown, harvested and turned into peanut butter. Discuss their usefulness in our diet.

The Legacy of George Washington Carver
Have your students' read about Carver, Iowa State University's first African American student and faculty member. The site includes images.

George Washington Carver
BrainPOP has a number of lesson plans about the life of George Washington Carver. Login is required.

Power to the Peanut
What can you make with peanuts? Much more than PB & J! Discover George Washington Carver's botanical contributions to science and everyday life.

George Washington Carver National Monument
This site includes quotes from Carver, lists of peanut products, and a photo gallery with pictures of this famous inventor.

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