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Wake Up, Mr. Groundhog
Art/Science/Social Studies Visit www.groundhog.org on February 2 to learn about the history of "Punxsutawney Phil" and Groundhog Day. Then draw a picture of a groundhog on brown construction paper, as though it is lying on its' back with outstretched arms and legs. Cut out your groundhog. Add facial features with a permanent marker. Fold the legs, arms and head in so that they lie flat over the body. Place water in a shallow dish and set the groundhog on top of the water, folded parts up. Watch carefully as the groundhog's arms, legs and head begin to unfold as he "wakes up." Can the students tell why this happens?

Come to the Groundhog Day Party: Activities and Games Across the Grades
Celebrate Groundhog Day with a bunch of activities, some Internet exploration, and a variety of groundhog games. Fun for all ages! Included: Three Internet teaching masters.

Groundhog Day Quiz
Have your students take this fun quiz to find out how much they know about our favorite groundhog.

Phil's Math Message
Have your students use their math skills to decode a message from Phil.

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