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Earth Day is April 22, have your students make posters to remind the community to protect our environment.

Earth Day Picnic
Environmental Science To celebrate Earth Day and to reinforce lessons on recycling, reusing and reducing, have a school-wide picnic. Encourage students to pack their lunches so that there is a minimum of garbage. After lunch, reward the class that created the least amount of garbage and the student with the most creative idea for reducing trash.

Recycle City
Sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency this site was created specifically for use in the classroom. All of the activities at Recycle City are designed so the teacher can set different goals to match their classroom's curriculum. You can also check out "Things To Do In Recycle City" for some more ideas.

How To: Reduce Your School's Eco-Footprint
Follow these tips for making your school more environmentally friendly.

Paper From Paper: A Hands-On Approach to Recycling
Students will learn how to create their own recycled paper.

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