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Eating Green
Health/Nutrition March can be a confusing month, nutrition-wise, as it's both Dr. Seuss' birthday month (Theodore Geisel was born on March 2, 1904) – a popular time to cook green eggs and ham – and National Nutrition Month. Have your students brainstorm the names of green things that can and should be eaten and green things that should not be eaten (or eaten only occasionally). Take some surveys about which green vegetables are the most popular in your room. Are there students who have never tried some green foods, like Brussels sprouts or kale? How many like green M&Ms?

Dr. Seuss Lesson
Students will be able to produce "Cat in the Hat" hats, identify and list some basic facts about Dr. Seuss, produce an illustration and paragraph about Sue Snue., and finally, sign their name and write a note to Dr. Seuss.

Dear Dr. Seuss
Writing For Read Across America Day, have your students write letters to Dr. Seuss. Have samples of his books in the room to help them get started. If Dr. Seuss were alive, what could they tell him about how books have changed in 50 years? What's new in the world? What might he include in his books today? Do you see cell phones in his books? Do his books make sounds or light up?

Dr. Seuss's Sound Words: Playing with Phonics and Spelling
Boom! Br-r-ring! Cluck! Moo! – Everywhere you turn, you are bound to find exciting sounds. Students begin exploring these sounds through a read-aloud of Dr. Seuss's Mr. Brown Can MOO! Can You? They then play with the sounds in their classroom, creating words that capture what they hear. Next, they explore sounds from selected Websites and record what they hear on a chart, using spelling strategies to help them. Finally, students create original cinquain poems using sound words.

Birthday Hats
Reading/Art In preparation for Dr. Seuss' birthday, create the traditional Cat in the Hat striped hats with variations. Make the stripes different colors and have children label the colors. In each stripe, list the title and author of a book read, or the characters, setting, plot, genre of the book. You can also use this favorite decoration as a teaching tool.

The Cat in the Hat 50th Anniversary logo

That cat!
When The Cat in the Hat (Random House, 1957) turned 50 they held a birthday bash full of fun activities at www.seussville.com. Host a party to celebrate Dr. Seuss' ground-breaking 236-word book. Read aloud Seuss-style poems and play other fun activities.

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