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"What I Know" Charts
Graphic Organizers KWHL Charts (also called KWL charts and Know-Wonder-Learn charts) are a type of chart or a graphic organizer that can help student organize what they know and what they want to learn about a topic before and after the research is done.

A KWHL chart is best used before, during, and after a student reads about a new topic. Filling out this chart prepares a student for reading about a topic, helps in reviewing what has been learned about the material, gives help in obtaining more information, and readies the student to write about what they've learned.

KWHL or KWL Chart
At this site you can find various types of KWHL charts for use in your classroom.

National Park Service
Using the national parks as a topic, make a KWHL chart with four columns on a large piece or chart or butcher paper. In the K column, make a list of all the things your students know about national parks. Fill in the W and H sections of the chart by asking students to think of things they want to know about our national parks. Write their questions in the W column (adding your own) and write how they can find their answers in the H column.

K-W-H-L Chart
You can also use this chart to help your students gather information, solve a problem, or think through a research topic. Each student can fill in their chart with notes, calculations, and ideas, rather than complete sentences.

K-W-H-L, The White House
Test your students knowledge of our White House using this chart from the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum.

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