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Conversation Hearts Candy

Heart Fractions
Math Give each student a small package of heart candies. Have them count the number of hearts in the package and use that number as the denominator. Then ask them to write fractions for the number of hearts of each color and/or each saying. Compare percentages among the packages.

Mathematical Valentines
Math As you read the following poem aloud, have students listen for numbers. Ask students to add up the numbers given as you read the poem a second time. Is there any particular significance to this total sum? Can the students write their own Valentine's Day message using number words?

A Be-9 Valentine

by Jacqueline Schiff

I went 2 the store
4 a Valentine's card.
I saw 1 you'll love –
Sweet and 10-der.
A card that is gr-8
On this 1-derful date
That 2-gether
And 4-ever,
We'll remember.
(answer = 32)

Valentine Candy Count
This activity provides a fun and exciting method through which children can explore and internalize graphing skills. Specifically, the students will discover what color Valentine Candy is found more often than any other in a standard bag of "Valentine Conversation Hearts." The lesson takes approximately sixty minutes and is most effectively used in connection with Valentine's Day.

Broken-Heart Matching Game
Students can use this fun game to practice, reinforce, or apply a wide variety of skills.

Valentine Hearts Graph
Students will create a class graph to show how many different color hearts are found in Valentine Candy Hearts.

Fractional Hearts
Invite students to use their knowledge of fractions to create unique representations of the heart.

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