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Puzzle Me This
Prediction In honor of National Puzzle Day (January 29), place the pieces for a puzzle on a table. Don't show the picture of the finished puzzle. As students complete a section, ask them what the setting might be. What else can they predict so far? Characters? Season? Do this several times during the process. Save their written predictions to compare with the finished result.

A Puzzle a Day Provides Practice That Pays
These activities exercise students' critical thinking skills while providing needed practice in math, spelling, and other areas of the curriculum. Why not introduce a puzzle a day? Puzzles make great "bellringer" activities. Included: A year of puzzles!

Celebrate National Puzzle Day!
Nobody knows puzzles like Highlights. As the leader in creating high-quality children's puzzling products, like their iconic Hidden Pictures® scenes, plus kid favorites like our PuzzleMania® series, digital apps, puzzle clubs, and much more! Share these National Puzzle Day Activities with your students.

Got Game? Learning With Puzzles
In this lesson, students solve word puzzles and learn about how master solvers approach and develop them. They develop their own problem-solving skills by composing word puzzles or games of their own and come away with a perspective on the cognitive and learning benefits of games.

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