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Ordinary Oats
Science/Health January is Oatmeal Month. You can show the children where oatmeal comes from by providing pictures of the grain being planted and harvested. Then provide small dishes for holding oat grains (ask for oat "berries" at a health food store), oatmeal and oat flour. Discuss how the various forms of oats are produced and what they're used for. Do oats grow in your region? If so, invite a farmer to give a presentation. If not, invite a person from a health food store to demonstrate how the grains or berries are ground into flour. Make some good old-fashioned oatmeal cookies with your class!

Oatmeal in a bowl

Plenty o' Oatmeal
Social Studies/Health People in America had purchased more than 24 million pounds of oatmeal. Ask your students to check at home – how many pounds does your class have in their pantries right now? How many different ways do your students eat oatmeal – with apples, with raisins, with brown sugar, with milk? Make a tally of favorite oatmeal toppings, then convert it to a bar graph. Collect favorite oatmeal recipes from your class to compile in a cookbook.

Oatmeal Clay Recipe
Use this simple non-edible recipe to make shapes and crafts using oatmeal.

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