Construction paper art

Plus and Minus
Art/Math Use this art project to illustrate and develop the concepts of positive and negative, plus and minus or fractions. Have each child select two pieces of construction paper in contrasting colors, with one sheet twice the size of the other. Provide shaping scissors for children to divide the smaller sheet into two or more sections. Then glue them onto the larger sheet.

Plus or Minus
Students will gain an understanding of addition and subtraction of small numbers (10 or less) while developing their problem solving skills and math based strategies.

It's Automatic! More or Less with Ten
Using this lesson students will observe and make generalizations about patterns on a hundreds chart. This will help develop the concept of adding 10 more or 10 less mentally.

"Doubles Plus One" Math Game
Students practice doubling numbers with this fun, fast-paced dice game./p>

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