construction paper art

Plus and Minus
Art/Math Use this art project to illustrate and develop the concepts of positive and negative, plus and minus or fractions. Have each child select two pieces of construction paper in contrasting colors, with one sheet twice the size of the other. Provide shaping scissors for children to divide the smaller sheet into two or more sections. Then glue them onto the larger sheet.

Here's a group activity that provides a review and drill process in the format of a game for learning about subtraction and addition. Your students will get so caught up in the game, that they consider it an exciting challenge rather than a drill or review. The Addition And Subtraction Game appeals to multilevel and multigrade situations.

The Train Math Lesson Plan by Angela England uses a locomotive theme to teach addition and subtraction. This easy math concept lesson plan for Kindergarten, First and possibly second graders use trains to visualize addition and subtraction.

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