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Story Bricks
Reading Make a "brick wall" bulletin board. Give students red construction paper and a pattern for the bricks. Have each student make at least one brick and write on it an element from a story the class has just read. Sequence the bricks from the bottom up to symbolize how a story grows. Join the bricks with white construction paper "mortar."

Frying Up Great Readers!
Using McDonald's french fry containers students can track their required and recreational reading throughout the year with this eye catching bulletin board idea.

Story-Time Garland Bulletin Board
Here's a colorful bulletin board idea where students can share book reviews.

Guess Who Else Had Trouble Reading?
This teacher inspired bulletin board allows students to identify which famous people had trouble reading and how they overcame it to become successful.

Reading Strategy Charts and Bulletin Boards
See how this teacher created charts and bulletin boards to help teach students inferring, questioning, metacognition, and nonfiction text features.

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