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Reading the Rebus
Reading Collect several rebus stories from children's magazines in your library. Read several to and with your students. Then ask the children to cut pictures out of magazines or catalogs that they could use in a rebus story. Provide construction paper hearts on which to affix the pictures. In group time, write your students' stories on chart paper.

Friendship Stories
Writing Use this activity as a chance for your students to get to know each other. Take digital pictures of each student and print two of each photo, one small and one large. Use the large ones to make a rebus story together on large paper. Then divide the students into groups. Help each group incorporate the smaller photos in a rebus story about the friends in that particular group.

Writing Poetry with Rebus and Rhyme
In this lesson, students use rebus writing to create their own poetry by drawing pictures of the words they need to complete a rhyming pattern.

Colorful Creative Writing Rebus
Students use pictures and words in a rebus poem about a colorful place in their imagination.

How to Create Rebus Stories in the Kindergarten Classroom
Rebus stories are great for beginning readers in a Kindergarten classroom because even students who don't recognize any sight words can follow along and "read" using the pictures to tell the story. In this lesson you will learn how to have your students create their own rebus stories.

Rebus Roundup Stories
Student can have fun filling in the pictures using these interactive rebus stories.

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