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Signs of Spring
Science Help the children research Spring. On displayed chart paper, list their dictated findings. Daily, on their way to and from school, the children observe spring conditions, items, activities, etc. Then, in class, individuals share their Spring observations. On the chart, they list those observations besides the related research findings.

Schoolyard Soil Dwellers: What's Living In Your Schoolyard?
As a part of this online project called Schoolyard Soil Dwellers, have your students dig up their playground to uncover critters that make that land their home. This is a creative online project were you and your students can discover the rewards of getting your hands dirty and comparing data across the miles!

Springtime Helpers
Science Collect a bunch of colored threads (2" – 4"), yarns, ribbons, twigs, cotton balls, etc. Place little piles of these items near trees around your school. Make sure your students watch for the pieces to disappear as birds begin to build their nests. Have your camera ready to record progress.

Simple Signs of the Seasons
Using this lesson, students can recognize the signs of the seasons in their surroundings. Then have students correctly spell the names of seasons and depict seasonal changes graphically. Finally, students can display their work for others to appreciate.

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