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Words About Birds
Reading/Social Studies Put the following poem on an overhead or handout for students to read. Then send them to research other state birds. Find connections such as which bird is shared by seven states? Six states? Five states? Three states? Why so much repetition? Find out what your state bird is, its habitat, favorite food and migratory habits, if any.

Words About Birds

by Jacqueline Schiff

The state bird of Connecticut
Is Robin all the way,
From Florida comes mockingbird
Who'll copy songs all day.

This cardinal's a resident
Of Lincoln's Illinois,
This goldfinch lives in Iowa.
And sings of Midwest joy.

Montana has the meadowlark,
This bluebird's from New York,
The Arizona cactus wren
Won't dine with knife and fork.

New Hampshire loves the purple finch,
The seagull Utah claims.
Now do your research on the states
To find more state bird names.

Bird Populations
In this lesson, students will study bird migratory patterns and the methods that researchers use to study them. Students will also be introduced to the concepts of the study of bird movements.

On the Fly: Studying Bird Migration and Behavior
Spring is upon us and one of the most obvious sign of spring's return is the arrival of migrating birds. To recognize this annual cycle, here is a series of features exploring birds in their environment.

Building a Bird's Nest
Students will identify local birds and their habitats by making a diorama and writing a three– to four-sentence description.

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