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Pinecone Trees
Art Glue cotton balls around the base of a pinecone to represent snow. Wrap and drape red ribbon around the pinecone and glue in place. Glue on large seed beads in place for ornaments, then glue two paper or foil stars together and attach to the top.

Fabric Mosaic Trees
Art On stiff cardboard (at least 9" x 12") students outline trees with popsicle sticks or similar materials. Inside is glued down cut-up green fabric or cut-up green yarn. Decorate with rickrack and glue a gold star at the top.

Christmas tree

Story Trees
Art/Writing Cut Christmas tree shapes from 12" by 18" green construction paper. Have students simulate evergreen needles by making diagonal cuts down the sides. Fold the tree in half and make a starburst-shaped cut in the center. Unfold tree and glue the flaps of the starburst down to make an open window. Have students tape recycled Christmas card pictures in the opening. Students decorate their tree and add a brown paper stem. Ask students to write a caption about what's happening in the picture on their tree. Exchange trees and write captions for other trees. As the teacher holds up a tree, each student reads his or her caption aloud. Do we all see the same stories in a picture?

Trees in Art and Nature
Students will learn about trees by comparing those in Vincent van Gogh's paintings to those in nature. After learning about the botany of trees, students can create leaf rubbings by imitating Van Gogh's use of color.

Good Habits Grow in Room 3
Go out on a limb with these ideas for using a tree to recognize good behavior, celebrate holidays, and build skills.

My Tree Book
Students will "adopt" a tree and throughout the year will record and examine its characteristics and the changes that it goes through.

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