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Remembering Rhymes
Language Often when it is important to remember something, rhyming can be a great help. Here is a poem to help your students remember the steps in the writing process. Next, have your students write poems using other topics they are trying to remember right now.

The Writing Process

by Elizabeth Smalligan

First, you need to think, think, think
Of all the ideas you can pen in ink.

Then it's time to write, write, write.
That rough draft gets the thoughts in sight.

Change, change, change is the next thing to do.

Revise your paper 'til it looks like new.

Correct, correct, correct is next on the list.

Check for grammar you might have missed.

Finally, it's time to share, share, share.

Your finished paper with people who care.

Rhyme Time Lesson Plan
After doing a read aloud of a rhyming picture book, students will learn how to identify, say and write rhyming words by engaging in rhyming exercises and matching rhyming cards during independent work.

A-Hunting We Will Go: Teaching Rhyming Through Musical Verse
This activity begins with the singing of the song "A-Hunting We Will Go" with its original verses and several new verses that support rhyming concepts. Students brainstorm pairs of rhyming words and create their own verses for the song. The activity culminates with the practice of rhyming skills using an online interactive tool.

Play with Words: Rhyme & Verse
In this lesson, students will use their senses to experience poetry. Students will listen to poems and rhymes, clap out syllables, and sing along with familiar tunes. They will also use puppets and crafts to help recall and retell favorite poems. Finally, students will experience the joy of crafting their own original poems.

Reading Rhyming Words
Students will learn that rhyming words sound the same at the end and how to recognize rhyming words by how they sound.

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